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Soldium™ 10 Pack - Waterproof Solder Wire Connectors

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Product Details

The easiest way to connect wires is with Soldium™

These solder wire connectors make DIY electronic work simple and quick. With heating wires of any type join firmly and seal with solder.

Soldium's high tensile strength design is made to last. The tubes on the sides provide perfect isolation while the solder at the middle melts to connect them.

You don’t need any technical background to fix the wires around the house anymore. Soldium™ are the toughest wire connectors you’ll find.


Simple solder connection

Connecting wires has never been easier. Just join the wires in Soldium™ and heat up the middle.

Helpful for any scenario

Soldium™ secures all types of wires. The waterproof sealers comply with all electrical standards.

A strong and simple solution

Nothing can stretch or break these connectors. Joining wires firmly is now a rookie’s job.

Why Soldium™ is for you

Electronic work around the house becomes much simpler when Soldium™ takes care of the open wires.

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