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Rulham™ - Ultra Precision T-type Woodworking Ruler

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Product Details

Measure and mark with incredible precision

Rulham™ is a ruler unlike any other. It makes DIY measuring jobs easy and always precise. Made from stainless steel it’s the ruler that will serve you forever.

The scale on it makes Rulham the go-to choice for ultra-accurate measurements. The is a slit on every graduation for you to make markings and lines without moving the ruler.

Rulham™ does the job with unbelievable accuracy. Universal, precise and practical, it’s the perfect ruler for any job.


No more guesswork

Make the next DIY project with incredible precision. Why eyeball it when you can get the exact measurements for the job.

Perfect markings

Rulham™ has a tiny slit is on every graduation so you can make markings to a hair’s breadth.

Architectural precision

No other ruler has this much detail in it. Rulham™ makes precise measuring easy, quick and always right.

Rulham™ is the ultimate choice

Measuring is the most important part of woodworking. With Rulham™ you only need to measure once to get the precise marks you need.

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