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Wix Lamp™️ - Solar Flame Lamp

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Enjoy Your Outdoor Occasions This Season With Wix Lamp™️- The Flame That Never Goes Out

Finally, A safer more convenient way to enjoy the outdoors this season with the Wix Lamp™️- The spark that never goes and always keeps you in the light.

Uniquely made with LED lighting that is energy conservative and solar powered. Making it perfect for you to use any given time of the year without burning any matches and completely safe for the environment.

Built-in  water-resistant and windproof seals for maximum protection and keeps the flames going. Which means even in the harshest of weather conditions the flame never goes out.

Comes with a Built-in rechargeable battery so you don't have to worry about replacing any batteries. Simply charge it for about 30 minutes to an hour and the Wix Lamp™️ will last for hours and hours before needing another charge.

 What's really amazing about the Wix Lamp™️ that our repeat customers are constantly writing us back about is how easy it is to install and how environmentally friendly it is. The reason we've been in business for so long is not just the amazing products we sell or countless testimonials we receive. It's our never-ending dedication to you and making sure that you get the best service there is on the internet. Get yours today so you can enjoy the outdoors this season.



Runs on solar and doesn't run on any harmful gas fuel. Not only saving and conserving energy, but it's also saving and conserving the environment as well.


Even in the harshest of weather conditions it works perfectly fine. Can last in the rain, harsh winds, even in the snow. Making it perfect for any occasion in any setting. 

Easy Installation

No complicated steps necessary. Simply find a spot with some soft soil and just stick and twist. Set up in seconds and perfect for any beginner can use starting today.

Long Lasting

last for hours and hours before going out. Comes with an automatic switch so once the sunlight is gone it automatically turns off. Saving you the time and energy of doing it yourself.

Unique & Creative Design

Perfectly compliments your outdoor home decor and fits perfectly in virtually any setting without looking out of place. Making this the perfect add on to your entire outdoor setup.

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