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ChainChop™ Pocket Chainsaw

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Product Details

The Ultimate Tree Cutting Tool

Whether you are going out camping or want to clean your yard ChainChop™ is the woodcutting tool you need. With simple motions, you can bring a whole tree down in a minute.

Light and compact, it fits into any pocket. The B directional blades reduce cutting time by half and don’t require sharpening. This makes tree cutting extremely easy.


Now cutting down trees doesn’t take hours of work. Why carry a heavy chainsaw when ChainChop™ can do the job without any hassle.

Key Benefits

Cut Through Trees Like Butter

Using simple motions you can bring down trees like it’s nothing. ChainChop saves you time and energy.

Unbelievably Compact

ChainChop the most compact chainsaw there is. Fit it into your pocket so you are prepared for anything.

Better Than Chainsaws in Every Way

ChainChop is lighter and easier to use than any chainsaw. It can last forever and doesn’t need sharpening.

Why Chainchop Is for You

If you want to cut down trees with minimal effort then pick up ChainChop and forget about your old chainsaw.


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