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Colibum™ - Garden Hanging Hummingbird Feeders

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Turn the garden into a hummingbird pub

If you are looking to get the best feeder out there, then look no further! Colibum™ can feed all the hummies and keep in tack the water inside even in the highest of temperatures.

Don’t let Colibum’s lightness fool you, it’s as sturdy as they get. With the universal hanger, you can hang it easily and watch how your garden turns into a hot spot for beautiful birds.

All the hummingbirds will flock to your house to take a drink! You can make sure nature keeps flourishing when you take care of its little children!


The sturdiest feeder

This feeder doesn’t melt even under the harshest of summers. Colibum is easily cleanable and can hang by a thread.

Take care of nature

Hanging one feeder can save many hummingbirds from the dry summers. An excellent little way to serve nature!

Attract all the hummies

Every hummingbird around will come and hang out by your feeder. Your garden will start brimming with life!

Colibum is the ultimate choice

Chose a feeder that will last you forever! Attract the sweet bird to your porch and enjoy the view.

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