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VividGardens™ - Fabric Raised Garden Beds - 50 Inch 100 Gallon

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Product Details

A Gardener's Best Friend

Finally, a mobile planter that can be put anywhere. VividGardens™ is made from the best materials to keep your plants healthy and safe.

Super easy to set up in no time just unfold and grow. Definitely an easy and more convenient way to grow vegetables, flowers, herbs, and fruits.

With easy access to oxygen and excellent drainage it allows plant roots and beneficial bacteria to breathe for better overall plant health.

In warm weather it allows excess heat to be released to protect the roots and warms the fabric quickly in the cold weather. Surviving any extreme weather conditions.

Made from renowned durable geotextile that's highly durable. Lasting you for years of continuous gardening.

There is no better way to experience gardening. No matter the place or time you can use VividGardens to bring nature into your home.


For a lush and healthy garden

Roots easily absorb oxygen. Excess moisture drains quickly leaving your garden healthy and rich.

Protects your work from anything

VividGardens material easily adapts to all weathers and seasons. All green life is safe within it no matters the conditions.


No complications, only enjoyment

VividGardens is easy to set up, relocate, and store. With your bare hands. Allowing you can create a beautiful garden.


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