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SpraySpat™ DIY Irrigation System

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Product Details

The Ultimate Surface Irrigation System for a Home Garden

This DIY tool waters the whole garden for you. Every nozzle can be individually adjusted for each of your plants for you to relax while SpraySpat™ does all the work.

You don’t need underground installations to get it going. Just assemble the parts and connect it to the hose. With its many sprinklers, SpraySpat can cover the whole garden.

The automatic sprinkling timer waters just right for you to save gallons of water and money in the process. SpraySpat will keep the whole garden-fresh while you enjoy your day under the sun.


Perfect Sprinkle Control

You can adjust each nozzle individually to water each plant accordingly. SpraySpat gives you constant control over the process.


Watering With Precision

The drippers water in a different pattern for the versatile needs of your garden. There are enough nozzles to personalize them for each plant.

Saving You Time and Money

SpraySpat has a customizable automatic watering timer. You save up to 70% of water and hours of manual work.

Easy Installable Irrigation System

SpraySpat is easy to assemble and doesn’t require digging or plumbing. Connect it to your hose and it’s ready to go.

Why SpraySpat Is for You?

If you are tired of manual labor around the garden then it’s time to automate the whole process and save money, time and energy.

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