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EZLight™ - Deformable LED Garage Ceiling Lights

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Product Details

One device can light up every corner of the room

EZLight™ is the most powerful and cost-efficient garage LED light you’ll find. After putting it on every dark corner of your workplace it will brighten up like the sun is under your ceiling.

Each LED head rotates to create a 360-degree light coverage around the room. Lasting for at least 50,000 hours and consuming only 8w it’s the best bulb for its price!

EZLight™ will bring the sun into the place you put it! If you are looking for the perfect light source for your spacious room then you only have one choice, EZLight!


Blindingly powerful

The three-way LED heads light up like the sun to make a daytime scene anywhere you place them.

Like working outside

Each head can be adjusted to fully cover the room. Working inside will be just like out in the sun.

Lasting more, spending less

EZLight™ has a guaranteed 50,000 hour-long service. Consuming only 82w, it’s are more cost-efficient than any garage light bulb!

EZLight is the ultimate choice

Putting on EZLight™ is like removing the roof of a warehouse. Everything brings up like it’s under the sun!

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