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Crystal Ceramic Car Coating - Nano Hydrophobic Care

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Product Details

✔️ 3 in 1 Formula - Ceramic Coating, Wax Sealant & Wash

✔️ New Age Wax & Polish!

✔️ Fast Glazing - Done in 5 min!

✔️ Less Than $1.5 Per Coat - Each Bottle Will Last You 20 Coats

✔️ No Waiting - Use When Car is Dry or Wet

✔️ Non Abrasive

✔️ Lasts up to 6 months

✔️ USA Lab Tested Nanotechnology

✔️ Multi-Functional - Apply to any part of your automobile


Nanotechnology Protection

Simply spray on and wipe off with a clean microfiber towel! Our ceramic car coating spray has SiO2 to form a hydrophobic coating achieving a glossy car shine!


Nano Ceramic Coating

This magical bottle produces a deep shine, like new surface, and long lasting protection. This nano tech is the new age wax & polish.

Showroom Shine

Ceramic spray coating allows you to achieve a mirror like shine with just one application! With a powerful hybrid ceramic wax car sealant you will keep your car's showroom shine we all know and love!

Apply to Any Part of Your Automobile

Our ceramic wax is perfect for any detailing job you could imagine! Apply ceramic car wax to ceramic coat any part of your automobile! Our nano hydrophobic care works on the whole car! 

Dashboards, headlights, glass, artificial leather, door planks, plastic bumpers, consoles, and more!

The New Age Wax & Polish

Traditional spray car wax can't compare to a ceramic detail spray. Every car detailer knows the power of a ceramic auto coating when they add it to their auto detailing supplies collection! Our ceramic coating kit allows you to polish and wax while also applying a car paint sealant and protectant!


We strive to provide the best car care products, if you are not completely satisfied with our car detailing spray on car wax specifically designed to provide a ceramic car sealant reach out and we will make the situation right!

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