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Car Trunk Organizer

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Product Details

It’s now easy to keep the trunk organized

Elhum is the back seat organizer every car needs to have. It packs all your luggage and essentials nicely for easy access and safe storage during travel.

The pockets and compartments are of numerous sizes all the various items you carry. With everything neatly packed you’ll open up space in the trunk to take everything for the next trip.

Elhum sets up firmly to the back seats to protect delicate items from the bumpy road. Packing your car for the vacation is now more convenient than ever.

Why Elhum is for you

Pack everything neatly- The abundant variety of pockets keep all the luggage organized and the essentials tightly packed.

Opens up more space- When things are organized the trunk becomes far more spacious. You’ll have all the space you need.

Universally practical- The buckles can be strapped to any back seat. Elhum turns the trunk of every car into a well-organized compartment.

Elhum is the ultimate choice- Don’t cram up the trunk on your next trip. When you can organize it with Elhum and store even more.

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